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Hey, this is Shabbir Kasula, family and friends call me Shafii.

I am the founder of The Internet Income Academy, started this online coaching platform with the vision to help 100,000 people to achieve their dreams with our internet business model

I appreciate the fact that you’re here, I want to develop a deep virtual relationship with you.
I value your time here and for that, I would like to share a little about myself

Long story short

Just like most of the students post MBA, came to Bangalore in the year 2010 from my native for job search. It is a wonderful experience for almost a decade in corporate life with different multinational companies. The journey was awesome like working in night shifts for USA clients (6pm-4am) to working 9am-5pm job in day times, by the way it was not a sudden switch, in this path worked for a year in UK hours (2pm-12am) as well

As usual like most of the employees, I too switched companies whenever stuck at financial instability, in this process switched 3 companies, now am working for 4th Company

There are two kinds of people, first category is people who depends on their parents and second category is whose parents are depends on them. Fortunately I fall in second category, and these are the best circumstances to live because it only can push you think out of the box

In this process I started exploring opportunities, as soon as you start exploring first one who hits your door is Network marketing folks, it’s same with me as well. I started as a business owner in one of the company in 2017 and it had a wonderful education system with bad company management almost two years later company is vanished we end up with great learnings.

When you have great dreams with appropriate learnings and open mind, you can see the opportunities everywhere. This is the sentence which changed my life

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards” – Steve Jobs

In 2019, I started looking for opportunities in trending sectors in internet space without disturbing my day job. When I look backward in my carrier, I have worked in complete life cycle of product development and launch in IT sector with analytical and market research expertise.

One fine day the idea of creating a own product which can solve the biggest problem in society has come into my mind. I started working on late nights capture the ideas to converting them to product. of course, in this process inspired by looking at many models and success stories and spent lacks of rupees to learn and implement the ideas. Few of my mentors are Eric Ho and T.Harv Eker

The internet income model can be a turning point to most of the people who resonates with my journey also for the aspiring serious dreamers. In this path I have started getting results which are little higher than my salary.

This one year my experience in creating money machines can help anyone to live fearless life and much secured income and passive income generators. The journey is just started, my mission is to help 100,000 people to achieve their dreams with our internet business model

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